Sprinkles Bakery is the first bakery opened in Ga. Maamendhoo producing bread, pastries with a unique dine-in experience in the isle. 


Registered in 2020, Sprinkles Bakery is managed under the parent Sole Proprietorship Bluebell Holdings registered at the Ministry of Economic Development in 2016, licensed to Yazeedh Ahmed.

Focused on producing top-quality bread & pastries locally and serve it fresh through the outlet opened in Asareege, Sprinkles Bakery takes pride in being the leader to be part of the healthy lifestyle of the hundreds of residents of the isle. 

The business provides employment to over 3 locals and with a handsome remuneration package. 

core values

Here are the core values Sprinkles Bakery strives to achieve and maintain;


Sprinkles Bakery, with professional assistance has developed and follows a standard operating procedure (SOP) that covers all aspects of the operations to ensure only quality assured products are served to our customers while maintaining a service level managed with KPIs and training.


Products and the service arrangements of the bakery are based on customer requirements and their feedback. With an integrated CRM & POS, the bakery provides an exceptional level of service to its customers at all times. 


The bakery has developed its strategies with the community in the mind and has put effort to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the use of single-use plastics and has adopted a “paper bag policy” along with various CSR initiatives on its schedule.